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Another Speyside distillery, Tamdu stands out for a number of resons. Firstly it is the only Speyside distillery to malt all its own barley. It is also the sole remaining distillery in Scotland with Saladin Box maltings, which are still in use, and the reception centre is the former Victorian railway station of Knockando.

Tamdhu is light, smoky and well balanced, developing a ripeness of biscuity flavour that is surprisingly lengthy. Some toasty sweetness and tiny spice. The whisky is now marketed as a "no age statement" single malt. It is used in the make-up of the Famous Grouse blend.


Colour: Bright Gold

Node: Flowery, faintly lemon. Cereal and grain.

Palate: Clean, sweet. Very slightly toffeeish. An easily drinkable, malt-accented introduction to single Malt

Finish: Flowery. Very faint hint of peat.