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A little about this year's malts.

Each month of the year, we will send you a different single malt, straight to your door. We will begin our journey in March with the first of the 'Classic Malts of Scotland'. Over the next six months, we will gradually 'travel' to each of the whisky regions of Scotland, sampling a representative malt from each region.

We began our journey back in April 2005. Back then, there were very few single malts available in Australia, but we managed to hunt down a few, and as our interest grew so did the number of single malts being brought to these shores. Over the years, as new whiskies came onto the market, we would buy in large quantities to satisfy the growing membership base.

In 2008 we turned a corner, with a large enough membership base to be able to economically purchase single malts directly from Scotland. This opened the floodgates to more amazing whiskies. By cutting out the middleman, we got so much more bang for our buck. A whole new world of whiskies has become available. Distilleries that produce tiny amounts of single malt, regions previously only read about in dusty whisky tomes are regular monthly malts.

We have come a long way over the last 5 years, but there are still hundreds of distilleries that lay undiscovered in all corners of the earth.

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Our malt calendar will shows where this years journey will take us. It also shows just how much you will pay for each bottle (does not include postage).

Come join us on our voyage of discovery. Single Malts from the highlands, lowlands, speyside, Islay and the Islands will be joined by the emerging single malts of Australia, Japan, Canada, NZ, India, Sweden, Ireland and who know where else.

I can promise you the adventure of the voyage will be worth the trip, never mind the destination.