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Glenfiddich Sorera Reserve

Well, this comming month, its back to the Speyside region for our members with arguably the best product from the Glenfiddich distillery. Not the 'usual' 12YO Glenfiddich either, this is the 15 YO 'Solera Reserve'.

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 Year Old is matured in three different types of oak casks (sherry, traditional bourbon and new oak casks).

This whisky distinguishes itself by the sweetness of its smell and taste, however, the sweetness is effortlessly balanced by drier oakiness. Michael Jackson sums up this fine drop by describing it as "Elegant and well-balanced to the point of suavity".
Michaels tasting notes are as follows:

Nose: Chocolate, toast and a hint of peat.

Palate: Smooth, silky, white chocolate. Pears-in-cream. Cardamom

Finish: Cream. Hint of ginger.