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Craggenmore 12YO

The distinctive, rather austere style of Cragganmore Single Malt Wisky is pleasing, with the taste of excellence imparted through 12 years of maturing. The perfect after-dinner malt with a good firm body, malty smoky finish and a personality as individual and distinguished than the distillery founder.

Complex, mature and well balanced, with a slight fruitiness on the tounge, overlaid with smokey notes.

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Colour: Golden

Nose: The most complex aroma of any malt. Its bouquet is astonishly fragrant and delicate, with sweetish notes of cut grass and herbs. (thyme perhaps?)

Body: Light to Medium, but very firm and smooth.

Palate: Delicate, clean restrained, with a huge range of herbal, flowery notes.

Finish: Long.