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The following links are all sites that focus on single malt whisky and other whisky-related websites. They are not affiliated with, and the content is not controlled by If you would like to recommend any whisky sites for inclusion to this list, please contact us and let us know!

Malt Whisky Society of Australia

A non-profit organization intended to increase appreciation of single malt whisky within Australia.

The Whisky Mine

Whisky mine helps you to buy or avoid the good or bad whisky through a voting system. See how other people think about different brands, add your own marks to the whisky you have tested yourself. If you dont find a whisky brand, add it yourself. A site that appeals both to new and experienced whisky drinkers. Welcome.


A blog devoted to news on the world of Whisky. We love Whisky.

The Whisky Blog

A website and linkguide all about single malt whisky

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Whether your interest is for yourself or a whisky-loving friend there's something here for everyone.

The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour

Here you will find descriptions, historical notes and pictures, statistics and tasting notes relating to all Scotland's distilleries and many of its whiskies.

Scotch Whisky .com

All about scotch whisky.. not just singlemalts, but blends, liqueur whisky and more!

Discovering Distilleries

From mountain to glen and island to lowland, you'll find beautifully sited distilleries still dispensing individual charm, history and the local 'water of life’.

Friends of the Classic Malts

The Official USA Friends of the Classic Malts website.

Whisky Magazine Online

Articles, news and reviews all about our favourite subject...

Malt Madness

Lots of great information, reviews and other whisky related subjects of interest.

Scotch Whiskey: A taste of life

Swedish single malt whisky information site.

Perdomo Cigars

From the worlds greatest soil comes the worlds greatest cigar.

The Good Life

In this new podcast, I hope to take you on a journey - a journey to explore and develop our palates. We’ll be talking (with a variety of guest hosts) about single malt whisky, cigars, rum, wine, truffles, cheese, classical music, jazz, opera, the art of sexual pleasure… and who knows what else.