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Why should I join?
  • Every month have a new bottle of malt arrive at your door. Each malt will be different from the last. A full set of tastings notes will be included. We will explore every region, distillery, and style. There are hundeds of distilleries, each producing their own special, amazing version of this wonderful drink.

  • You will save money with the lowest prices guanteed. We are buying in bulk. The distilleries give us volume discounts. We pass these discounts on to our friends and members.

  • Single malts can be VERY expensive, so we offer malts that are reasonably priced. We will keep the prices between $60 and $80.

  • We will make our way through each malt together. We want to build a community of whiskey lovers who want to share their experience and experiences with a new community of like minded lovers. We will have online chats with the distillers. A forum to post your thoughts, read others thoughts on each malt.

  • There will be special offers of rare and unusual malts not available anywhere else, at HUGE discounts.

  • Enter competitions with fantastic prizes.