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How many times has it happened? You walk into a bottle shop, and they have rows and rows of blends, thousands of wines, and at least 200 different beers. When you ask the guy behind the counter, "which single malts do you have mate?". The standard response, usually being, "what's that?".

Well all that is about to change.

How would you like to have a different single malt arrive at your door every month? Included will be tasting notes and information about the distillery. There will be competitions to win great prizes. Chat rooms, online forums, emails from the distillers themselves, all of this AND it will be CHEAPER than if you went to the shop yourself.

We are looking to build a community of single malt drinkers who want to walk down the path of discovery with us.

It' simple. It's free. It saves money. It's as easy as clicking here.

We welcome membership from anyone. In fact, we encourage you to tell as many of your friends as you can about us.

Of course, if you are under 18, you cannot join... but we'd be only to happy for you to tell you parents, grandparents and adult relatives about us!