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What we are offering

In short, what we are offering is good whisky, delivered to your door, at a better price than you would get it from at a bottleshop or pub.

Every month, we will send you a new whisky.

But really, we are about much more than just cheap, home delivered singlemalt whisky. We beleive that the best way to truly appreciate something is to learn about it. To this end, it is our mission to supply tasting notes with every months delivery. Not only will you have the pleasure of tasting the whisky, we'll do our very best to ensure your tasting experience is as full as possible.

And it doesn't stop there. Subscribing to singlemalt.com.au also gives you the chance to win whisky themed prizes EVERY month.

You will also be able to 'chat' to other whisky lovers in ourforum. Compare your tasting notes with those of other members each month. Gain a great insight onto the world of scotch whisky by asking our resident experts anything you ever wanted to know about whisky.

As our membership grows, we will be looking to add even more value to membership in the form of special offers, invitations to tastings and other events as well as bigger and better prizes each month