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Brad Wright and Andy Anderson are a couple of blokes who love their singlemalt whisky. Unfortunately malts can be a very expensive pleasure to enjoy, so we worked out a way to make our great love a little more accessible. The trick is buying in volume. The distilleries offer fantastic discounts for large orders. The larger the order the bigger the discount, so every new member we get on board, the cheaper the whisky will be for all of us. But apart from cheap prices, there are many reasons to join.

Andy Anderson has been involved in the liquor industry for seven years, in fine wine stores and now with one of Australia’s top 20 wineries. Through his network, and understanding of machinations the method to offering single malts at affordable prices is finally here.

Andy’s experience with wine education and judging puts him in good stead to understand whisky, but he is just a beginner. Join in on the journey. Climb aboard and ride the train. The next stop could be Speyside, the Highlands, or Islay.